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Work Comp Premium Audit

Give Us 14 Days And Zero Dollars

We know nobody wants to gift free money to their insurance company. 


So, correcting errors, recovering overcharges, and obtaining credits are performed as expeditiously as possible.

2 weeks (or less) is all it takes for us to review your account and let you know:​

  • What errors your insurance company or the rating bureau have made

  • Our plan to obtain corrections and how long it will take 


Once we receive the documents needed to build our file on your work comp program, 2 weeks is all we need to  complete an audit analysis.

Workers comp Premium Audit.png

Work Comp Premium Audit & Performance-Based Pricing

Performance-Based Pricing (contingent fee, value-based) means you have no risk in engaging our services.  You will not receive an invoice from us until you have received a refund check or credit to your payment plan.  Work Comp Audit errors and overcharges are so numerous we have found we can easily afford this value proposition.  Also, it keeps us up burning the midnight oil (motivated) to help you win!

The Work Comp Premium Audit

Unlike your annual Work Comp Audit, a Work Comp Premium Audit conducted by CG is an expert, 3rd party audit.  And, we represent you.  Our job is to help you save money, fix rating errors,  and recover overpayments.   


We audit "premium;" money charged to and paid by you.

If you look at the Workers Compensation Premium Audit For Business graphic to the right, you'll see all of the  activities our independent Work Comp Premium Audit will conduct on your behalf.   And, as your premium auditor, we  possess an expertise in all of the areas.  

Take just the issue of proper classification of your employees.  Unlike your Work Comp Audit, your we will scour the Scopes (Classification Codes) Manual for the lowest rated (least expensive) code that properly classifies your business.  We'll review state exceptions and constantly review the manuals for  updates, additions, deletions, etc.

And that's just one of the elements that contributes to your annual workers comp premiums.

The Work Comp Audit (Insurance Carrier Performed)

A Work Comp Audit performed by your Workers Compensation Insurance company may not be what you think it is.  In fact, we are sure that many are confused about the purpose of this annual audit. 


Why?  Because we've been told by business leaders that they don't need an audit (workers comp premium audit) because "our workers compensation insurance company does this for free!"

The purpose of the Work Comp Audit, performed by your  insurance company, after policy expiration is to "true up" payroll estimates from the beginning of your policy with your actual, audited payroll figures.  Then, you are billed a Final Audit Invoice for the year. 

To a lesser extent your Work Comp Audit verifies classification codes, but not in an attempt to save you money.  The insurance company auditor may check claims to see if accident details correspond to the classification of the injured worker.  For example, if a claim was filed because an employee who is classified as 8810 Clerical fell off a ladder, an auditor might make a referral to have the employee reclassified since the accident indicates she's obviously not a clerical worker.  This costs you more money.

Insurance Companies Do Not Perform a

Work Comp Audit To Help You Pay Them Less

work comp audit.png

So, if you  look at the Premium Audit graphic again, you could say that the insurance company Work Comp Audit performs the first 2 activities listed.  But, you can  be sure that your insurance company is not thoroughly reviewing manuals for lower-rated class codes that could apply or additional payroll credits that could apply.  They are looking for additional premium not reduced premium.

The Work Comp Premium Audit - Experience Modification Rate

A Workers Compensation Premium Audit  will include an exhaustive review of your Experience Modification Rate.    And, this can be a significant project unto itself depending on your claims activity and the size of your organization.


There is a lot of information on this website about the  Experience Modification Rating so I will encourage you look at some of those posts.  But, keep in mind that some of our engagements are simply to review a company's Experience Modification Rating because it's so important to either or both pricing and revenues. 

Turnkey Audit Process To Maximize Your Results And Optimize Your Time

An exhaustive review of your Workers Comp Insurance program is a time intensive project.  Auditing your Experience Modifier Worksheet can be a significant project unto itself depending on your claims activity and the size of your organization. 


We know of nobody with the time or expertise to expertly audit your work comp  premiums other than those of us who perform  Workers' Compensation Premium Audits for a living.  Decades of experience is why some of our business includes expert witness testimony.


We have a turnkey audit process that allows you to stay focused on your role while we save you money.

Work Comp Audit.png

Review Historical Work Comp Audits For Errors And Overcharges

Language in your Workers Compensation Insurance Policy allows for  a reaudit of your Work Comp Audit up to 3 years from the expiration date.  So, when you  engage CG as your Work Comp Premium Auditor our review will include your current and prior 3 policies; 4 year's worth of premiums!  When errors are found that occur every year the compounding  can create substantial returns to a business.

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