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Experience Modification Rate Review

Give Us 14 Days And Zero Dollars

2 weeks (or less) is all it takes for us to review your Experience Modification Rate Worksheet and let you know:

  • If your EMR is wrong

  • What errors your insurance company or the rating bureau made

  • Our plan to correct your EMR and how long it will take 

Unlike other errors that lead to overcharges, EMR errors are quick to resolve.  Once we receive the documents needed to build our file on your work comp program, 2 weeks is all we need to  expedite this process for you if your situation is urgent.

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Performance-Based Pricing (Contingency)

Performance-Based Pricing (contingent fee, value-based) means you have no risk in engaging our services.  You will not receive an invoice from us until you have received a refund check or credit to your payment plan.  Work Comp Audit errors and overcharges are so numerous we have found we can easily afford this value proposition.  Also, it keeps us up burning the midnight oil (motivated) to help you win!

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Reasons We Are Contacted For Expedited EMR Review

Normally, clients with an immediate need for an expert review call for the following reasons:

  • They received their renewal mod which increased and will cost them unplanned additional workers compensation premium

  • They received their renewal mod which increased and will cost them a loss of revenue due to their clients' use of EMRs as qualifiers for new business and contract renewals

  • They are are doing due diligence on a potential acquisition and want see how the acquisition target will impact their EMR

Experience Modification Rate Review.png

Businesses and organizations with immediate needs to reduce their Experience Modification Rate don't have options other than finding an expert with a track record for being able to identify the costly and frequent errors insurance companies and rating bureaus make.  All other mod reductions strategies impact future EMRs.

Similarly, the only way to correct a previous, expired EMR is through audit as well.    This is a common outcome for those who engage us to review their current Experience  Rating.

All Other Experience Mod Reduction Strategies Help Future EMRs

Let's say your renewal date is January 1 of this year.  Any new initiative you begin this year to reduce your claims (new safety programs, procedures, devices, etc) and your EMR will obviously not benefit your current Experience Mod.  And, at some point before your current policiy expires your next renewal EMR will be calculated.


So, whatever  you do in the present that is effective at reducing claim frequency and claim severity will not help to lower your mod until 2 policies from now (the only exception is having a reserve audit performed which could impact your next, renewal EMOD).   


Experience Mods are a 3 year assessment of claims activity beginning 5 policies ago and ending  2 policies ago.  If your current Experience Modification Worksheet is effective 1/1/24, then the three insurance policies on your worksheet are 1/1/22-23, 1/1/21-22, and 1/1/20-21.    Last year's 1/1/23-24 policy won't be included for the first them until next year.  

Turnkey Audit Process To Maximize Your Results And Optimize Your Time

An exhaustive review of your Experience Modifier Worksheet can be a significant project unto itself depending on your claims activity and the size of your organization. 


We know of nobody with the time or expertise to expertly audit and EMR calculation other than those of us who perform  Workers' Compensation Premium Audits for a living.  Decades of experience is why some of our business includes expert witness testimony.


We have a turnkey audit process that allows you to stay focused on your role while we save you money.

Work Comp Audit Refund.png

Retroactive Errors And Overcharges

Language in your Workers Compensation Insurance Policy allows for  a reaudit of your Work Comp Audit up to 3 years from the expiration date.  So, when you  engage your Work Comp Premium Auditor her review will include your current and prior 3 policies; 4 year's worth of premiums!  When errors are found that occur every year the compounding  can create substantial returns to a business.  Also, Illinois risks can go back much farther  than 3 years to recover overcharges when errors are identified.

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