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  • Unexpected Additional Premium Bill?

  • Reclassified Work Comp Payroll?

  • Aggressive Work Comp Audit?

  • Phone Audit?

No cost to you! Performance-based pricing ensures you will only be invoiced a percent of the recoveries we obtain for you. Work Comp Audit errors and overcharges are so numerous we have found we can easily afford this value proposition. Also, it keeps us up burning the midnight oil (motivated) to help you win!

Fast! Give us 14 days to complete your review. That's all it takes to complete our analysis, report to you our findings, plan to correct your audit, and time frame.

Respect your time. We know you're busy. Our turnkey audit process keeps you focused on your role. Put our decades worth of experience to work for you.

April booked. Accepting new clients for May '24. Work Comp Premium Audits are time intensive (for us, not you) and we can only accept a few new clients every month. We reached our April limit and are now accepting new accepting new clients for May.

We can audit your current and 3 previous no cost to you!

Turn the tables on your work comp carrier and audit them. They make expensive mistakes!  Put our 50+ years combined experience to work for you and join the hundreds of CG clients who have received million$ in return premium ($1M for one client alone!).   

Or, why wait?  Contact us now:

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Stuart Cytron


Cytron Group LLC

Highly recommend Stuart and the great benefits associated with our partnership with Cytron Group LLC. Stuarts knowledge of workers compensation is comprehensive and he was able to recover considerable dollars in an efficient and very easy process. Big win in recovering premium dollars but additionally our company is much more knowledgeable and positioned to deliver lower workers compensation expense into the future.

Tom Linhares, EVP, COO

Dodge Mayflower Moving & Storage

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