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Searching For Help Reducing Your Experience Modification Rate?

Reducing Excessive Premiums?  Lost Business?  Fix The Leak!

Free pdf guide:  Find out RIGHT NOW (1) what your Minimum Experience Mod is, (2) how much additional premium you're paying due to your claims (even if your current EMR is below 1.00), and (3) the true cost of your work comp claims (this  number will shock you!).

From This PDF Quickly Calculate:

  • Your Minimum Experience Mod (what your mod would be without any claims) from 2 numbers on your EMR Worksheet

  • Your Controllable Premium (the amount of premium you pay due to your claims)

  • Your Sales To Pay For Claims (the true cost of your work comp claims)

  • Important KPIs to focus your efforts, manage your premium & EMR reduction initiatives, and achieve "buy in" from key colleagues to support your efforts.


We appreciate all the hard work you did for us. You found a significant mistake and it greatly benefited our company.
You did a great job!."

Paul Kowert, CFO

Jarrell Mechanical Contracting

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Your EMR Now?

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