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Tired of your persistently high Experience Modification Rate, increased insurance premiums and reduced profitability for the company?

Free Download:  Make sure your first step is in the right

direction  with the right KPIs to reduce your EMR.  


Every journey begins with a single step.   

  1. Identify problem areas: By tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) related to your workers' compensation experience modification rate (EMR) you can identify problem areas and take steps to address them before they become more serious.

  2. Set achievable goals: With the right KPIs in place, you can set achievable goals for reducing your EMR over time. This can help you focus your efforts and measure progress towards your ultimate goal.

  3. Measure success: By regularly tracking and analyzing your KPIs, you can measure the success of your efforts to reduce your EMR. This can help you make informed decisions about future initiatives and allocate resources more effectively. Remember, every journey starts with a single step – but with the right KPIs, you can ensure that your first step is in the right direction.

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  • 50+ Years Combined Experience

  • 20 Years In Business

  • Millions Of Dollars Recovered!

  • Millions Of Dollars In Future Premiums Saved

  • $1 Million Recovery For 1 Client!

  • Turnkey Audit Process (Very Little Client Time Involved)

  • Performance-Based Pricing (No Refund, No Fee) $50,000 Or More Annual Premium

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  • Do you pay more than $50,000 per year in work comp premium?  We have worked successfully with clients who pay anywhere from $50,000 to $7 million per year.

  • Even if you pay less than $50K we like to help those with ongoing disputes with their insurance company.  Or, even those of you who have questions about their Experience Mods and/or work comp program that have never been answered to your satisfaction.

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