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Searching For Help Reducing Your Experience Modification Rate?  Quickly And Easily Calculate The Metrics You Need & Determine The Revenue Impact Of Your EMR.

Free pdf guide: Your first step to take  control of your EMR.   Quickly & easily calculate your Minimum Experience Modification Rate, Controllable Premium, and Sales To Pay For Claims.

  • Peter Drucker famously said "You can't manage what you don't measure."

  • Identify & calculate  the KPIs that give you the complete picture & proper focus.

  • Have the ammunition you need to demonstrate urgency & obtain buy-in from colleagues for your  EMR reduction initiatives.

Check Your Email!

We appreciate all the hard work you did for us. You found a significant mistake and it greatly benefited our company.
You did a great job!."

Paul Kowert, CFO

Jarrell Mechanical Contracting

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