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  • 336 Workers' Compensation Insurance Carriers Licensed to Write Business In Missouri

  • The age of AI: we have access to current rates for all!

  • Instead of waiting to learn how much you owe the Insurance Company, how about deciding how much you're willing to pay!

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Concerned Your Account Isn't Getting The Exposure To Underwriters It Deserves?

Concerned Your Account Isn't Being shopped Aggressively?

If you would prefer to provide this information to a broker over the phone please email or call us to set up a convenient time.  •  (314) 757-8079

At last count we had access to 35 Workers' Compensation Insurance Carriers.  Many are national carriers and many are regional. 


Applications are submitted to, on average, 10 - 12 insurance companies.  Less if a business is a "tough risk" (track record of severe and/or frequent claims or an unusual industry where insurance companies and underwriters have limited experience).

Privacy Notice: Cytron Group LLC does not disclose, sell, or transfer any information about our visitors. Your information is shared with insurance related entities for the sole purpose of underwriting and quoting.

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