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Or Medical Professional?

Access the Medcor network through Cytron Group LLC

Medcor's clients include large, sophisticated work comp programs

like walmart, target stores, mcdonalds, etc. requiring a minimum

of 80 claims per year (you agree to pay for 80 calls per year). 


But, now, there is an option for smaller organizations to secure the same cost-containment benefits.

a few select firms are allowed to offer access to the medcor network through aggregator agreements.  Together our clients provide the volume from one source, Cytron Group LLC, to satisfy volume requirements.  You have no annual minimum call requirements.

Additionally, we believe you will benefit more from a relationship with Medcor AND Cytron Group LLC.  We will provide you with consulting and advice you would not receive from Medcor that will enable you to launch your Return To Work Program with proper claim triage or make your existing RTW more robust; further enhancing the reduction in claim costs derived from Medcor.

Best-In-Class work comp programs like Walmart, Target, Dollar General,

McDonalds, etc. have been utilizing Medcor's Nurse Injury Triage program for years.  

All that's required from you is that you provide us your network information so we know where to refer employees for care if necessary and that you call medcor when there's an incident.​  

On average 43% of calls received by medcor result in self-care.


On average 98% of employees referred for care comply with medcor nurse

recommendation to utilize your preferred network.

  • Remove the burden of medical decision making from the backs of your supervisors

  • Demonstrate that you care about your employees by providing them with additional, professional medical resources when they need it most

  • Realize the financial benefits from:

  1. Fewer claims

  2. reduced claim cost severity

  3. keeping more claims in the medical only "bucket" rather than lost time

  4. cases referred on to the proper level of care

  5. employees returning to work in less time

  6. happier employees

  7. decreased litigation

  8. lower insurance premiums

  9. lower experience modification rates

here's what to expect when you take advantage of the medcor injury triage

network through cytron group llc's aggregator relationship with medcor:


  • no contracts committing you to a length of time or requiring you to call when you have accidents in the workplace. 

  • cytron group llc's expertise to show you how to leverage the medcor platform to enhance your return to work efforts.


  • Cytron Group LLC's expertise to determine if your work comp carrier has health and medical credits (most do) for which you may qualify by utilizing medcor injury triage.


  • assistance, if necessary, completing a workbook with your company's information and medical provider's information.

  • online training (takes less than an hour of your time) with your medcor account rep.

  • periodic email tips from Cytron Group LLC to learn best practices for both injury triage  and return to work.

  • We suggest that you establish one or two metrics (like WC Cost per employee and/or return to work ratio) to monitor roi of your injury triage program and will assist you in doing so.

Cost:  Option 1 - $999 annual subscription fee paid to Cytron Group LLC

$92.50 per call (billed monthly by Medcor)

Cost:  Option 2 - $249 Month 1 and $99 per month afterward 

paid to Cytron Group LLC

$92.50 per call (billed monthly by Medcor)


Email Me ( to set up Option 2.  

Otherwise, click "buy Now" below to be taken to paypal


You will receive a positive ROI as soon as medcor identifies

self care incidents that would have otherwise been claims.  

you will receive a positive roi as soon as medcor properly refers employees to

your preferred clinic or telemedicine (if an option) rather than the ER

you will receive a positive roi as soon as you start returning employees to work faster

and, all of these benefits compound over time over numerous claims!

Once you purchase your subscription to the Medcor network, you'll receive a confirmation email and the workbooks we need completed to get you onboarded and live asap.  We'll arrange calls as needed should you have any questions or need assistance.

Cytron Group LLC is a small, specialized consultancy and audit firm dedicated to saving its

clients money on work comp insurance programs.  you don't need to schedule appointments long

in advance.  we should be able to take your calls and respond to your emails on the same day.

Call or email me with questions:

Stuart Cytron


(314) 757-8079 t

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